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Bengals 2013 Season Awards: Play Of The Year

We continue the CJ staff's nominations for the yearly awards, the next being for The Play of the Year.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We continue the Cincy Jungle staff picks for the 2013 season awards for the Cincinnati Bengals. The next award that is up for nomination is for The Play of the Year. To my personal surprise, there were a few different plays that were thrown out by our staff instead of just a couple of big ones that came to mind. Still, some of the most memorable ones made our cut.

Anthony Cosenza: Adam Jones' diving interception to ice the victory against New England.

Josh Kirkendall: Reggie Nelson/Terence Newman fumble recovery touchdown against the Packers.

Mojokong: Vontaze Burfict forced fumble and recovery for touchdown versus Browns.

Mike Townsend: James Harrison's interception and near-touchdown return against Browns.

Nick Seuberling: Giovani Bernard touchdown run versus Dolphins.

willPOWER (William Newell): Fumble recovery touchdown against the Packers.

Mickey Mentzer: Newman touchdown return against the Packers.

Andrew Miller: 35-yard touchdown run by Gio Bernard against Miami.