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Bengals 2013 Season Awards: Biggest Win Of The Year

The Bengals' 2013 season awards roll on with the Cincy Jungle staff picks for The Biggest Win of the Year.

John Grieshop

We are in full swing with the Cincinnati Bengals' 2013 season awards. We have already gone through the staff picks for the Play of the Year and the Best Feat of the Year. We roll on with the Biggest Win of the Year, which should be relatively self-explanatory. Though much of the boys from Cincy Jungle agreed on a couple of wins, there are still some differing opinions. Cast your vote and sound off!

Anthony Cosenza: I'm torn between the Week 17 win against the Ravens and the one on the road against the Lions. I'll go with the one in Detroit, as the Lions were playing good ball then and it was in the middle of an impressive four-game win streak to get the team in a nice midseason groove.

Josh Kirkendall: The win over the Patriots was a legit one.

willPOWER (William Newell): The win over the Steelers at home in primetime for me. It gave the Bengals a lot of confidence early on.

Mojokong: The late-season win against the playoff-bound Indianapolis Colts at home.

Mike Townsend: Steelers.

Mickey Mentzer: That Patriots one sticks out in my mind.

Andrew Miller: I'm going to say Patriots, but that win against the Jets made me tingly.

Nick Seuberling: New England for me.