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Bengals Week Seven Most Valuable Player Award

We go over the very limited selections for the Bengals Week Seven MVP Award against the Colts. This one will either be very tough or very easy to vote for, so sound off and cast your vote!

Kirk Irwin

To be honest, I almost feel a little guilty doing this post for the Week Seven debacle in Indianapolis. However, it's a weekly staple and I've made a commitment to doing it, so we're posting it, even though the selections for the award are extremely limited.

Cast your vote and sound off on who gets your Bengals MVP vote this week.

Carlos Dunlap: The defensive end is very quietly having a fringe Pro Bowl type of year. As I mentioned in the "Good, Bad, Ugly" post on Monday, Dunlap's performance in Indy was J.J. Watt-like. The lone star on the defense on Sunday had a forced fumble, another recovery, a sack, five total tackles, two quarterback hits and two passes defensed. It's a shame that the rest of the team's performance was so poor, as it overshadowed one of the more dominant defensive performances by a Bengals player in recent memory.

Kevin Huber: Cincinnati's punter tied a franchise for punts in a game with eleven and had a whopping 47.7 net average. Three of the punts were inside the 20-yard line and only one went for a touchback, which actually should have been downed at the one-yard-line.