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Bengals Week Five "Unsung Hero Of The Week" Award

We honor some of the Bengals players whose contributions may have gone unnoticed, though they had an impact on the game against the Patriots. Cast your vote and sound off on who you think this week's "Unsung Hero of the Week" winner should be!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

As Bengaldom moves on from the debacle in New England, there are still a couple of items that we would like to address--namely the "Unsung Hero of the Week" Award. In a 26-point loss, it's difficult to come up with positives and to give nods to individual achievement, but as a weekly feature, we must do so.

This award honors some of the players' contributions that may have gone unnoticed or unappreciated during the week's game. Cast your vote and sound off on who you think this week's winner should be!

Robert Geathers: The defensive end had the lone sack for the Bengals in the game and had three total tackles. Geathers was pretty active Sunday night and showed why he is one of the leaders on this team. He's quietly put together a solid season as a rotational guy on the line.

Wallace Gilberry: One of the other defensive ends had an active night as well. Showing why he has been such a valuable pickup after being unemployed for a bit, Gilberry continues to make plays in the limited snaps that he gets every week. He had seven total tackles and was one of the only Bengals defenders who was active in the backfield.

Adam Jones: Though it was a terrible night for defensive backs, Jones wasn't terribly victimized by Tom Brady. He recorded three tackles and had an electric 47-yard punt return that ignited the team for a brief moment. Why isn't he back there on a regular basis again?

Clint Boling: We like to make a habit of nominating offensive linemen for this award and it's Boling's turn. Yes, the line finally gave up the first sack of the year, but Boling has been steadfast through the team's first four games. His performances, including the one Sunday night are even more impressive, considering his rush back from a late-season knee injury in 2013. Giovani Bernard had close to five yards per carry, Andy Dalton had time for the most part, and he helped Russell Bodine out with Vince Wilfork at times.

Cast your vote and sound off on who you think the winner should be!