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Nominees For Bengals Play Of The Game Versus Steelers

Even though the Bengals lost by three touchdowns to the Steelers, they had a lead through three quarters and a handful of highlight-reel plays. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner for Bengals Play Of The Game!

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

When the Bengals were holding a lead against the Steelers in the fourth quarter, things seemed to be looking up. In the first three quarters, CIncinnati showed the will and ability to retaliate against Pittsburgh when they scored. Even though the end result isn't what Bengals fans wanted, there were a handful of exciting plays that made it a fun one to watch through three quarters.

Cast your vote and sound off on the Play of the Game for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Andy Dalton 56-Yard Completion To A.J. Green In Second Quarter: After a bland first quarter, the offense hit on the first of a handful of big plays on the day. Dalton dropped back and threw one to Green who had split the coverage of Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor--a theme of the day. Though it was a little under thrown, the ball actually landed in a good spot between the defensive backs and the bomb led to the Bengals' first touchdown of the day.

Andy Dalton 10-Yard Touchdown Pass To Jermaine Gresham: Two plays after the 56-yard pass to Green, Dalton snapped a play-action fake at the Steelers' 10-yard line. It didn't look promising initially, but Dalton found a wide open Gresham for the score. It was a much-needed touchdown at the time, as it tied up the game, 7-7.

Andy Dalton 20-Yard Touchdown Run In Second Quarter: Dalton engineered a 10-play drive that culminated in another touchdown. At the Pittsburgh 20-yard line, Dalton changed the play at the line and called out an audible, based on the coverage he saw. Dalton called a read-option that he hung onto and scampered 20 yards for the score, giving the Bengals a then-14-7 lead.

Andy Dalton 81-Yard Touchdown Pass To A.J. Green: Right before the onset of the fourth quarter, the Bengals offense had the ball, trailing 17-14. After minimal gain on first down, Dalton dropped back to sail one deep to Green, who had again carved through the Steelers' secondary. The play resulted in a beautiful 81-yard score that put the Bengals up 21-17.

However, the real highlight of this play was how A.J. Green obliterated the ankles of Steelers safety Mike Mitchell on the way to the end zone.