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Week 14 Bengals Most Valuable Player Award Versus Steelers

We roll out the list of Bengals MVP candidates in their Week 14 loss to the Steelers. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner for this week!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Call it a lack of creative juices, if you must, but we see this week's Bengals MVP Award as a two-horse race. Two offensive players really stood out on Sunday for Cincinnati, and we didn't feel the need to nominate any others for this week. Because of this, it likely means that there will be a slew of "Unsung Hero" nominees, but so be it.

Call out your allegiance to "Team Andy" or "Team A.J." this week!

Andy Dalton, QB: Dalton had one of his best days as the Bengals' signal-caller, going 21-of-29 passing, with 302 yards and two touchdowns through the air. He added another exciting 20-yard touchdown run, showing his versatility on the day. His 128.8 quarterback rating was the second-best of the season, and one of the best in his career.

A.J. Green, WR: Over the years, the Steelers have made an annoying habit of shutting down an effective offensive weapon. Green has both been a victim and an outlier of that tendency in his four-year career, and he was absolutely stellar on Sunday. Doing a little bit of everything, Green caught tough, contested balls, and had two huge plays. He finished the day with 11 catches (second-highest in his career) and a career-best 224 yards. Perhaps most important to Bengals fans was the physicality of his play and the emotions shown on the field, which can be rare for the even-keeled Pro Bowler.