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2013 Bengals Season Awards: Offensive Most Valuable Player

We are down to our last couple of Bengals 2013 season awards and the next on the list is the nominations for the Offensive MVP award.

Andy Lyons

We are down to the Most Valuable Player Awards for the Bengals 2013 season designations and this one wasn't easy. The team's offense had some huge games this year and some other familiar moments where they made you want to tear your hair out. The offense was almost lumped into the same sentence as the late 1990s/early 2000s Rams' "Greatest Show On Turf" with their regular season dominance at home, but missed out by just a few short points in the season finale.

There were a ton of stats, an increase in regular season wins, but the same familiar bitterness in the playoffs. Regardless of that poor performance against San Diego, Jay Gruden found himself being offered the head coaching job in Washington because of the unit's top-ten ranking this season. Though many of the Cincy Jungle staff felt like one player is most deserving, there are a few nominees for this award:

Josh Kirkendall: A.J. Green. Just dominant this season once again.

Anthony Cosenza: Though I feel that Green is deserving of this award, I'm going to go with Andy Dalton, believe it or not. I'm a huge critic of his, but you can't deny the franchise record-breaking season that he had and the way he was able to spread the ball around more this year than in the previous two.

Nick Seuberling: I have to go with Green as well. This offense doesn't go without him.

Mike Townsend: Yes, Green gets my vote for the offensive MVP. I couldn't look anywhere else.

Mickey Mentzer: I'm going a little bit outside of the box and will say Giovani Bernard. Not so much because of his stat line, but because the yards per play on offense skyrocketed when he was on the field.

Andrew Miller: Green for me. It was his third straight season of putting up huge numbers and third straight Pro Bowl.

Mojokong: I'm going a little off of the beaten path and am nominating Andrew Whitworth. He played two important positions on the line and did it well. It was a nice rebound of a season for him and the offense would't have done some of the things that they accomplished without his efforts.

willPOWER (William Newell): It simply has to be A.J. Green.