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2013 Bengals Season Awards: Team Most Valuable Player

We conclude the 2013 season awards for the Cincinnati Bengals with the award for the team's Most Valuable Player.

Andy Lyons

The final award for the Cincinnati Bengals 2013 season awards has come with a unanimous decision from the Cincy Jungle staff. Much like we decided with the Defensive MVP Award, we went with linebacker Vontaze Burfict for the team MVP. His uncanny tackling ability (an NFL-best 171 on the season) and knack for making a big play to turn the tide of a game made him an easy choice for this year's award. The unfortunate early season-ending injuries to Geno Atkins and Leon Hall also made No.55 the leader in our eyes.

Head coach Marvin Lewis has long-looked for the next linebacker in the mold of future Hall of Fame Ravens icon in Ray Lewis, and the Bengals just might have their version for the 2010s. The amazing thing is in where they got Burfict. Once thought of as a fringe first to second round pick, poor workouts and attitude murmurs made Burfict "undraftable" in the words of NFL Network's Mike Mayock. Burfict is on a warpath to make 31 other teams regret passing on him seven times each.

A.J. Green, Andy Dalton and a myriad of other players could have a case for a team MVP nomination, but Burfict is the man for us at CJ. We will have the stream of awards up on Tuesday so that you can vote for any of the other awards that you may have missed or would like to vote for again. We will post all of the results on Wednesday, which will be based on both your votes and our nominations.