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Bengals Versus Colts Wild Card Round: Nominees For Most Valuable Player

We run down the list of the nominees for the Most Valuable Player award in the Wild Card round against the Colts. Cast your vote and sound off on the final week's winner!

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Unfortunately, this is the last weekly Bengals MVP Award post for the 2014 season. Cast your vote and sound off on who your winner is in the Wild Card loss to the Colts!

Rex Burkhead, RB: Pretty admirable performance for a third/fourth-string running back to fill in as basically a No. 3 receiver on the afternoon. Burkhead was particularly effective early on, as Indianapolis was obviously caught off guard with his contributions. He ended the day with three catches for 34 yards, including a 26-yard scamper, and one run for 23 yards.

Ryan Hewitt, TE/HB: Another good showing from the rookie free agent who really grew in his role this year. He blocked as well as he could with so many Colts defenders stacking the box and added three catches for 37 yards.

Andy Dalton, QB: Well...he only had one turnover in the game--I mean, that's a feat in itself, right? Without having A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, Marvin Jones and Jermaine Gresham, Dalton still threw for 155 yards on the day. He also added four runs for 34 yards, as the second-leading rusher of the day.

Jeremy Hill, RB: The rookie running back continued his steady production, mostly in the first half, as he was the only Bengals player to get in the end zone on the afternoon. He didn't have a great yards-per-carry average (3.6), but still churned out 47 tough yards on 13 carries with the touchdown.

Mike Nugent, K: On almost any other day, on nearly any other team, hitting a dramatic 57-yard field goal right before half would have given the club a boost coming out in the second half. It was the longest of Nugent's career, thanks to a fortunate bounce off of the upright, and was a big exclamation point on a stellar last half of the season for Nuge.