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Cincy Jungle's Bengals Annual Awards, "The CJ's", Kicks Off Soon

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Be on the lookout for something we've done for the past couple of years. We honor different Bengals players and coaches with various yearly awards and your votes count!

Jason Miller/Getty Images

It's over. The 2014 season that was ripe with optimism and high hopes has ended earlier than most wanted and some expected, but we aren't done here at Cincy Jungle. As part of our extensive offseason Bengals coverage, we are rolling out our yearly team awards, known as "The CJ's".

Here is how it is going to work. We are going to have about a dozen or so awards, ranging from an individual player, a game, a play, coaching, etc., and you'll hear from the guys that write for the site in the post. At the end, we'll provide a poll for you readers to choose from to decide the outcome. The winner in each category will be announced a few days after that post goes live, so you're going to have to jump on the voting quickly.

We don't expect it to go quite like this other famous award ceremony, but you never know.

These will be coming out over the next weeks among draft coverage, NFL news and free agency previews, so keep your eyes peeled. We want your participation!