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AJ-to-A.J. biggest highlight in Bengals' top plays from Week 14 vs Steelers

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Even though the team lost to their hated rivals on Sunday, there were still a number of big plays that helped Cincinnati remain in the game.

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The amount of hurdles the Bengals had to jump over in their 2015 rematch against the Steelers was staggering. As they had chirped about since the first matchup, the Steelers brought intensity and a game plan that included the riling up of Cincinnati's players with particular antics, and just maybe an intent to injure.

Nevertheless, the Bengals endured losing their starting quarterback and tight end after their first offensive possession to put up a pretty decent fight in a 33-20 loss. If moral victories count for anything, the team didn't appear to give up when they very easily could have folded up shop, nor did they back down to the intimidation games the Steelers attempted to play.

Here are some of the best Bengals plays of Week 14--cast your vote and sound off on your favorite play!

AJ McCarron's 66-Yard Touchdown Pass to A.J. Green:

With things looking incredibly bleak in the second quarter, Cincinnati needed its backup quarterback to provide some sort of spark. Facing a 13-0 deficit, the Bengals set up shop at their own 20-yard line with seven minutes left on the game clock before halftime. After leading the offense on a drive that ended in a missed field goal, McCarron and Hue Jackson decided to take a big shot in an effort to to catch the Steelers napping. What ensued was a play that gave Bengals fans hope on Sunday and in the weeks ahead as Andy Dalton heals his fractured thumb.


McCarron-to-Green sets up Field Goal:

After two plays made by McCarron pointing to both the excitement and frustration that comes with a young, unproven quarterback, the Bengals offense began to move again. It was the McCarron show once again in the third quarter, seven times on a nine-play drive. He hit Green across the middle for 18 yards on a third-and-nine, but another 21-yarder was a beauty to convert a second-and-18. They amassed just eight more yards after the completion, but got a field goal.


Reggie Nelson's Fourth Quarter Interception:

The Steelers were looking to get full control of the game, but the Bengals weren't going away quietly. Though Ben Roethlisberger was carving up Cincinnati's defense on short and intermediate routes, he hadn't made the big plays that got Pittsburgh a 3-1 record between their two games against the Bengals. Big Ben went for the throat, but his Achilles heel, Reggie Nelson struck again.


Rex Burkhead's Touchdown Reception:

Though it was in garbage time with the game out of control, it was nice to see McCarron continue to work and distribute the ball to different receivers. With a little time left on the clock after the Bengals moved down the field, McCarron found Burkhead to bring the score to 33-20.