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The CJ's: Award For Worst Bengals Loss In 2014

We give out another CJ for a dubious designation. Cast your vote and sound off on the worst Bengals loss in 2014!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's not all sweet-smelling roses and sunshine with the 2014 CJ's. Call us cynics or bitter for the way that the past four seasons have concluded (or really, the entire history of the Cincinnati Bengals for that matter), but we are giving out a few awards this year that have a negative stigma attached to them. We prefer to think of it as painting the whole picture of the season.

The dichotomy of football and the emphasis placed on each individual game makes the sport both grueling and beautiful all at once. Every week, especially early in the season, means so much to every team, unlike with the 163-game season in baseball or 82-game season in basketball.

Even though the Bengals had some dominant victories last year, they also were embarrassed on a number of occasions. Some would point to injuries, while others would point to unpreparedness and an overrated roster for those losses. A case could be made for each one in the year being the worst, but here are the contributor votes:

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdetenas): TNF vs the Browns. Just horrible, dreadful.

Mickey Mentzer (AKA whodeyfans): The drubbing from Cleveland. Because it was Cleveland and it demoralized the team and fanbase.

Jason Marcum: At Pittsburgh. We lost the division and the ensuing playoff game with A.J. Green going down, all in one night.

Nick Seuberling: Both Indy losses, but the shutout in Week 7.

Anthony Cosenza: Since Nick cheated and sort of voted for two games, I'll do the same. The one that sticks out the most is the final loss of the season, in the Wild Card versus the Colts. Any time you end your season by losing, it stings because obviously you didn't make it all the way, and the familiar disappointment with this year's loss was incredibly deflating. Honorable mention goes to the tie against the Panthers. It wasn't a loss, but it felt like it--especially since the team was in a position to pull it out at the end.