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The CJ's: Award For Bengals Play Of The Year

The CJs roll on with the award for "Best Bengals Play of 2014". Cast your vote and sound off on your winner!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

We're in the full-blown awards spirit, given that the Oscars was just a couple of days ago. We still have a ways to go and the award categories get increasingly more important as we do.

You're welcome to call this one the "Jerome Simpson Flippy Award", if you'd like, as that single play seems to almost embody what we're trying to convey with this CJ. Big plays were a bit more feast-or-famine with the Bengals this year, but there still were some good ones to vote for.

Here are the votes from our contributors:

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdetenas): Nugent's 56 yarder in the wild card game vs the Colts. It made me believe.

Mickey Mentzer (AKA whodeyfans): Jeremy Hill's answer run in the Denver game. In prime time when it looked like the Bengals were reading from the same old script, Hill broke an 85 yard touchdown run to change the momentum of the game.

Jason Marcum: Jeremy Hill 85-yard TD run vs. Denver.

Nick Seuberling: I'm also going with Hill's big run on MNF versus Denver.

Rebecca Toback: Monday Night Football offered a few of the Bengals' top plays of the season: Dre Kirkpatrick's pick six, sealing the Bengal's ticket to the playoffs and Jeremy Hill's 85 yard touchdown, which tied up the game and gave the Bengals some confidence after a shaky start. Maybe the most fun play of the year, was during Week 3 against Tennessee. Sanu faked a run and threw the ball across the field to Andy Dalton, who somehow caught the ball, escaped a threatening oncoming tackle and scored a touchdown. It was an awesome Bengals moment.

Anthony Cosenza: All great choices and agree with them all, but if I can add one more nominee, it would be Adam Jones' 97-yard kickoff return against Carolina. The play paved way for an easy touchdown to tie it up when the Bengals had been down by seven with less than five minutes to play.