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The CJ's: Most Improved Bengals Player Award

The CJ's continue with one of our favorite awards--one for the Bengals player who improved the most from the previous season. Cast your vote and sound off!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Some people might misconstrue a title like "Most Improved Player" as a bit of a back-handed compliment. The CJ Award with that designation could give off the vibe that said nominees weren't that great last season in the first place, hence why they were perceived to have improved so greatly.

Not the case here, folks. Each of these nominees have flashed their talent in previous seasons, but increased or changed roles have allowed them to shine. Here are the nominees from the contributors:

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdetenas): George Iloka. Looks like he belongs in Pro Bowl contention.

Mickey Mentzer (AKA whodeyfans): Dre Kirkpatrick. Dre was forced to hold a starting position at the end of the season and his play was getting better each week. He also became a monster on special teams as a gunner.

Jason Marcum: I'm going with George Iloka as well.

Nick Seuberling: Vinny Rey gets my vote.

Anthony Cosenza: I'll go with Iloka as well. The Bengals haven't had good safety play in the early years of Marvin Lewis' tenure, but now they are getting it out of both Iloka and Reggie Nelson. Iloka took a nice step forward last season and is on his way to a solid career.