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The CJ's: "Unsung Hero Of The Year" Award

We turn the weekly in-season feature into an annual award. Cast your vote and sound off on your selection!

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been around the Cincy Jungle neighborhood over the past few years, then you should be familiar with the in-season weekly feature known as "The Unsung Hero of the Week Award". Because it has become a staple here, we've decided to turn it into an annual team award as well.

This award honors the guys who either do the dirty work behind the scenes and/or rise to prominence while filling in for another injured or ineffective player. Most of the time the fanfare around these types of players is pretty quiet, but we like to give them the respect they're due.

Here are the contributors' picks for the award:

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdetenas): Rey Maualuga. We actually missed him!

Mickey Mentzer: Mike Nugent. Other than the bad miss against the Panthers, Nugent was key in putting the points on the board for the Bengals. He also set the Bengals distance record for a field goal in the playoffs.

Jason Marcum: Kevin Zeitler.

Nick Seuberling: Ryan Hewitt.