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The CJ's: 2014 Bengals Team Most Valuable Player Award

We conclude the 2014 team award series with the "granddaddy of them all". Cast your vote and sound off on your winner!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We're finally at the end of the 2014 Bengals team award series. I know that you're getting emotional at the conclusion of it, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you, readers, for you participation and votes in these posts throughout the past few weeks and months. We hope that you have enjoyed them as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you. My personal thanks to the CJ contributors for their participation as well.

We're on to the 2014 Bengals Team Most Valuable Player Award. Here are what the Cincy Jungle contributors had to say about their respective nominees:

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdetenas): Kevin Huber. Best punter in the NFL for some seasons already.

Mickey Mentzer (AKA whodeyfans): Jeremy Hill. The bulk of his1124 rushing yards came in only the final 9 games, where the Bengals went 6-3.

Scott Bantel: Andrew Whitworth - According to the Pro Football Focus grading system, Whitworth was the leagues top offensive tackle, allowing zero sacks in 2014 and only allowing nine disruptions on 529 pass blocks. On top of the pass blocking stats, he has been the team leader for the past few years and was part of an offensive line that got Jeremy Hill going in the second half of the season, ultimately landing the Bengals run offense at sixth in the NFL.

Jason Marcum: Andrew Whitworth.

Nick Seuberling: Jeremy Hill.

Anthony Cosenza: Hill was the shoe-in vote for the team's Rookie of the Year Award, and I reluctantly gave him my vote for the Offensive MVP. That being the case, I'm going with Whitworth on this one. It's titled "Team MVP" and few players exemplify "team first" better than No.77. More than that, Whitworth was incredibly important to this team's success in 2014, given his excellent performance as both a pass protector and run blocker.