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The CJ's: Bengals 2015 Offensive MVP

We begin to close out the 2015 season awards for the Cincinnati Bengals with the 2015 Offensive MVP award. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When we do "The CJ's", some of the awards tend to be a race between very few players. Such could be said about the award for the 2015 Bengals Offensive MVP award. Some usual suspects are included, but the unforeseen impact of a couple of others has our contributors broadening their horizons. Cast your vote for the 2015 Bengals offensive MVP award and sound off on your selection!

Cody Tewmey: Andy Dalton.

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdeatenas): It is a close competition between Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. Tyler Eifert is deserving to be among them, but he missed a handful of games. I'll go with Dalton instead of Green just because he was so good so many times in the 13 games he played. Green is one of the top-five at his position and I would never argue against his case as this season's offensive MVP.

Kyle Phelps: Spoiler alert: I'm holding out for Andy Dalton for the team MVP. So as much as he deserves this, too, that would be too easy, right? If not including Dalton, my runner up is Tyler Eifert.

Were it not for missing 3-4 games due to injury this season, Eifert would have run away with the receiving touchdown crown this year. In just 12 full games, he put up 13 touchdowns - the best mark by any player this season was14. When he was targeted often, the Bengals typically won. Only in Week 3 against the Baltimore Ravens was he targeted less than four times in a win. Granted, he didn't play in Week 13 against the Browns or Week 15 against the 49ers, but it was obvious that his presence was missing against the 49ers. He was targeted nine times in their playoff loss to the Steelers, but no one could have predicted the ending to that one. Regardless, the fact of the matter is, if there's one player whose presence was felt on the offense in Bengals wins this year - it's Tyler Eifert.

Scott Schulze: Andy Dalton. If he's the team MVP, he is certainly the offensive MVP. I'll give an honorable mention to Tyler Eifert, but Andy is the man.

Alex Healey: The offense goes through the quarterback and Dalton had a huge year, with 25 touchdowns to only seven interceptions. The year also included 250 yards per game and an elite 106.2 quarterback rating. He led the team to a 10-2 record before his freak thumb injury, after which the Bengals dropped three of their next five games without him.

Rebecca Toback: Tyler Eifert had the year that we all hoped he would. Remember back to training camp and all the hype surrounding how good he looked? Well, he lived up to that and more. If a stinger and concussion hadn't caused him to miss a handful of games, Eifert likely would have led the league in touchdowns, but, he still had an amazing season and live up to his first round billing. (I'm also waiting on Dalton for the MVP so wanted to vary the honors here!)

Scott Bantel: Andy Dalton.

Jason Marcum: There's really no question, Dalton was the MVP of this offense and the team.

Dadio McDuck: Andy Dalton.

Anthony Cosenza: While Dalton and Eifert are great options and I might even be persuaded to choose them if given the proper arguments, I have to give a nod to A.J. Green. The model of consistency and a major reason why this team has turned around since 2011, Green had an outstanding season in 2015 and contributed in the playoff game. In five years, Green has five one-thousand yard seasons, five playoff berths, and five Pro Bowls.