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The CJ's: Bengals 2015 award for Biggest Victory of the Year

We continue our list of the Bengals' yearly awards with The CJ for the team's Biggest Victory of the Season. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner!

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Though the 2015 season ended in a heartbreaking fashion only known by Bengals fans (well, and maybe the Buffalo Bills' faithful, too) there were 12 exciting wins Cincinnati experienced making the 2015 season very special. The Bengals marched through the difficult AFC North with a 5-1 record, while also going 6-2 against the talented NFC and AFC West divisions.

Many of the bigger wins came in the team's eight-game win streak to start the year, but there were some great ones as the season wore on as well. Our contributors weighed in on their nominations for the Bengals' Biggest Victory of the Year, and now, it's your turn to vote for your selection.

Alberto Luque (AKA muertasdetenas): I'm going with Week 5 versus Seattle.

Alex Healey: My vote is for the Week 8 game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The defense played great for most of the game and crushed Big Ben's hopes drive after drive.

Dadio McDuck: It's Week 5 versus Seattle for me as well.

Kyle Phelps: As exciting as the Week 5 win over Seattle was, I've got to say the Week 8 win in Pittsburgh was the best victory of the year. The Bengals overcame a poor start like they did against the Seahawks, but this one was against the Steelers. Not only is the game more emotionally-charged, but you're putting together a six-game win streak at that point. That win in Week 8 over the Steelers was probably the single most important game for the Bengals' division championship, given they only finished two games ahead of the Steelers at the end of the day. Lose that game, and both teams finish 11-5. If the Steelers won, that also would have given them a sweep of the Bengals, so they would have won the division on a the tiebreaker.

Scott Schulze: I'm also going with the Week 5 victory over Seahawks 27-24. At the start of the 4th quarter, the defending NFC champion Seahawks were holding the ball, and a 24-7 lead. That's when the Bengals stormed back with 20 unanswered points for the improbable victory, proving that the 2015 Bengals were a legitimate contender to be reckoned with.

Rebecca Toback: The Bengals' game against Seattle was in my mind, their best of the year. Coming back to win in overtime was one of the best Bengals moments I can remember in the past few years, opponents aside. It proved they could stand strong in the face of adversity and pull out a win. At the time, the Seahawks weren't looking great, but, they ended up making it further in the playoffs than the Bengals.

Scott Bantel: I'm also going with Week 8's win at Pittsburgh. Why? Because it is the type of game the Bengals don’t win. On the road, against their biggest rival, the team had been down all day and played absolutely terrible for the first 54 minutes. Dalton had two costly interceptions – including one in the endzone, and it looked as if they had zero chance of winning and were going to drop to 6-1. Then, with 5:34 remaining, Shawn Williams made a huge play, intercepting Ben Roethlisberger along the sideline and sparked a five and a half-minute stretch which included a go-ahead, game winning touchdown drive by Dalton, another interception and a game-sealing field goal. In my opinion, that game changed this team from a playoff team to a Super Bowl contender…until Dalton broke his thumb against those same Steelers just a month later.

Jason Marcum: I'm going with the game at Baltimore in Week 3. Seeing A.J. Green have one of the best fourth quarters of football I've ever seen a receiver have was really fun to watch, not to mention the Bengals and Ravens trading blow for blow in a typical AFC North slug-fest.