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Awards given to the Cincinnati Bengals players.

Bengals 2018 season awards: Cincinnati’s Most Valuable Player

Injuries and a poor record make the team MVP nominations a little cloudy, but there are worthy nominees, to be sure.

Bengals 2018 season awards: Victory of the Year

Though there were only six of them to celebrate this past year, some of the Bengals’ wins were quite exciting.

Bengals 2018 season awards: Most improved player

Some Bengals players made some great individual strides in 2018 from the prior season. Which one gets your vote?

Bengals 2018 season awards: Defensive Player of the Year

It was one of the worst performances ever by a Bengals defense in 2018, but some stars still shined bright.

Bengals season awards: Offensive Player of the Year

Though the unit had a number of injuries on it, the Bengals’ still had some quality performances on that side of the ball.

Bengals season awards: Unsung Hero of the Year

It’s not just the star players who make up a team, as depth plays a big role in success. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner for the Bengals’ Unsung Hero of the Year!

Bengals season awards: Offensive Play of the Year

The Cincinnati Bengals had some great offensive plays in early in the season. Which one was the most outstanding in 2018?

Bengals season awards: Defensive Play of the Year

It wasn’t a banner year for the Bengals’ defense, but they had a handful of plays that locked down wins last season.

Bengals 2018 season awards: Special Teams Player of the Year

Certain facets of the Bengals’ special teams unit weren’t as strong as usual, but others really shined in 2018.

Bengals season awards: Trench player of the year

Both lines for the 2018 Bengals were inconsistent, but

Bengals 2018 season awards: Coach of the Year

Even though many of the Bengals coaches have been given their walking papers this offseason, there were some who were bright spots last year.

Bengals 2018 season awards: Rookie of the Year

There were ups and downs for the 2018 rookie class for the Bengals, but a few had some quality moments in big wins.

Weekly awards from the Bengals’ loss to Steelers

It was a hard-fought contest by the Bengals against their bitter rivals, but Cincinnati came up short against the Steelers once again. Still, there were some notable performances, so cast your vote and sound off on your winners!

Weekly Bengals awards in Cincinnati’s 26-18 loss to Cleveland

There weren’t many positives to Sunday’s loss, but some performances warrant merit. Cast your vote and sound off on your winners!

Bengals awards from their 30-16 win over the Raiders

It wasn’t the prettiest of victories, but the Bengals just won, baby. Cast your vote for the best performances by Cincinnati this week and sound off on your winners!

Weekly Bengals awards in Cincinnati’s 26-21 loss to Chargers

The Bengals had a chance to win against Los Angeles, but came up short. There were a number of notable performances though, so cast your vote and sound off on the winners for each award!

MVP, Unsung Hero, Goat of the Week and more awards for Bengals vs. Ravens

Though the Bengals came up just short against their division rivals, there were some positive takeaways.

This stream has:

Bengals midseason awards: Re-live the best moments of the first half of the season

Who is deserving of recognition after the Bengals’ 5-3 start to the season?

Bengals 2018 midseason awards: Offensive MVP

The Bengals offense exploded onto the scene early this season, but who is the most valuable member of the unit?

Bengals midseason awards: Geno Atkins reigns supreme as Cincinnati’s MVP in the trenches

The Bengals have been solid in the trenches thus far in 2018, vote for the player you think has impressed the most on either unit.

Bengals midseason awards: Defensive MVP

The Bengals defense as a whole hasn’t been worthy of too much praise, but there are still a few individual players worthy of recognition.

Bengals midseason awards: Unsung Hero

There are a number of Bengals players who have contributed in various capacities, but they have gone overlooked. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner for the 2018 Bengals midseason Unsung Hero.

Bengals midseason awards: Breakout player

Cincinnati has had a number of younger players step up who have greatly aided in the team’s 5-3 start.

Buccaneers at Bengals: Cincinnati’s weekly awards

We’re switching up our usual awards this week, but still need your votes and comments to determine the winners!

POLL: The top plays from the Bengals 37-34 win

Vote for your favorite play!

Dolphins at Bengals: Weekly awards for Cincinnati’s 27-17 win

Who were some of the biggest contributors in the Bengals’ crazy comeback win over the Dolphins?

Bengals MVP and unsung hero nominees from 37-36 win over Falcons

Cast your vote and sound off on your winners for the nominees in our Bengals’ weekly awards!

Poll: The top plays from the Bengals 37-36 win over Falcons

We can already guess which you’ll vote for.

Bengals at Panthers: Weekly award nominees in Cincinnati’s loss

While it wasn’t the result the team wanted, there were some great individual performances by Bengals players this week.

Poll: Bengals best plays from primetime win over Ravens

The Bengals had a myriad of great plays in their first divisional game of the year, but which one was the best?

Bengals awards from their 34-23 win over the Ravens

Cast your vote and sound off on your winners for the team MVP< Unsung Hero of the Week and Play of the Game!

Bengals awards from their 34-23 win over the Colts

Cast your vote and sound off on your winners for the weekly awards for Bengals players in their Week 1 opening

Bengals awards: MVP, Unsung Hero and more preseason Week 3 honors

Cast your vote and sound off on your winners for our weekly Bengals awards!

Bengals’ Unsung Hero of the Week in preseason Week 2 win over Cowboys

Though many facets of the team failed in a win, some Bengals players flew under the radar, in terms of their contributions.

Who was the Bengals’ MVP vs. the Cowboys?

It was an ugly win, but some Bengals players managed to stand out in the team’s preseason win against Dallas.

A look at who you voted for in our Bengals season awards

You voted and we’ve tallied up the results. Here are your winners for the Cincinnati Bengals’ 2017 season awards!


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