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Bengals Bacon

Stories for our morning bacon; usually a commentary into current events and other things.

Tez doesn't practice Friday; Lewis mum on status

After two concussions in two weeks, Burfict is unlikely to play against the Titans this Sunday.

A couple of notes for Bengals five-game stretch

The Cincinnati Bengals open this week with a five-game stretch to conclude the 2013 regular season. We looking at a couple of things that we hope changes, or love, which mostly centered around offense.

Bengals can improve seeding by doing nothing

The Cincinnati Bengals are off this weekend, but can slide into the third seed with a Broncos win over the Patriots. However, they can't touch the second seed... just yet.

Bacon: Remembering the lost

Former Bengals teammates, coaches and the media react to Thomas Howard's passing. And a few mailbag-like notes from yesterday's bacon.

Bacon: Time to change? A look at the bye

Taking a look at the bye week. Also, Johnson may have opened up a greater discussion that we haven't touched on yet... have we grow up as fans?

Emotional Vontaze Burfict Is Something To Watch

We talk about the steady Vontaze Burfict, Ed Reed's departure in Houston and four reasons why the Bengals are fun to watch.

Ditching names, Dalton efficiency, comeback mania

The title of Monday's bacon compiles three subjects into one sentence; from names being jabbed at me about players that the Bengals should acquire, to Andy Dalton's efficiency and fourth-quarter comebacks.

Bengals Week Seven "Unsung Hero Of The Week Award"

We nominate the players who did work behind the scenes that helped lift the Bengals to victory against the Lions. Make your vote and sound off on who you think should be the Week Seven "Unsung Hero of the Week Award"!

The bacon sizzles with tough questions

We're thinking about things. Is Hawkins' return really that important? How will Chris Pressley fit, if at all? And remember when the Bengals almost didn't draft Giovani Bernard?

Eifert contract status and bacon's return

We return with a bacon after taking a week off from our vacation that actually didn't happen.

Time to bury the shovel and dead horse

There are stories that tend to take greater precedence during the offseason that normally wouldn't. And we're all to blame.

Death of an all-star game; mandatory minicamp

We open with a quick repost/recap of an old all-star game dying. Looking for a positive with Rey Maualuga. And more.

The firing of Sam Wyche and Bengals news and notes

We take a look back at the firing of Sam Wyche, which he disputed, as well as other news and notes.

Secondary seeing familiar faces, new opportunities

Another chance for Brandon Ghee... Taylor Mays taking the reigns... Tyler Eifert's contract status... no clear leader claiming the backup quarterback job... a few OTA notes.

Jackson wanted Kaepernick as a Raiders head coach

The Oakland Raiders have been a factory of news making material, most of it unfavorable. Jackson reflects on the days prior to the 2011 NFL draft and how much they wanted Kaepernick.

BB: Redskins under pressure; Namath vs. Anderson

The Washington Redskins are under pressure from Congress to change their names. We take a quick statistical comparison between Kenny Anderson and Joe Namath.

BB: Weekend That Was

We know that people were busy with a holiday weekend, but so were we.

Most To Prove In 2013: Honorable Mention List

We ran a series of players with the most to prove in 2013 on Sunday. Today we offer up our honorable mention list.

BB: The Patterns From Bengals 2013 Prospect Visits

The Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff made the rounds to Pro Day visits and workouts for college prospects this year. When one sifts through all of the 2013 Bengals visits, patterns begin to emerge.

BB: Offense Is Exciting, But Defense Is Reliable

There's a lot of excitement about the Bengals offense, but it's the defense that continues defining this team.

BB: Tyler Eifert With Friendly Company

Tyler Eifert will have a friendly face with him at Paul Brown Stadium this weekend, Zac Robinson and the practice squad, and there's a culture change with Pittsburgh Steelers players?

BB: Hunt, Johnson, Boom Herron and More

We take a few questions from twitter and talk about older debates and the lack of resolutions.

BB: Former Bengals Facing Difficult Situations

Taking a look at former Bengals players around the league and what's in store for them in 2013.

Commonality Between The Falcons And Bengals

We take a look at one emailers thoughts on the Bengals and Falcons. We ask you what you're top-five best Bengals of 2013 would look like. And more.

BB: Random Thoughts And Cobi Hamilton Intrigue

We go through random thoughts around the Bengals, NFL but start with how Cobi Hamilton is an intriguing prospect.

BB: Bengals Linebackers Are Stacked

Here's a fact: The Bengals are stocked with linebackers. Will another college free agent rise or has the team run out of room for underdog stories?

BB: NFL Draft And The Forgotten Andre Smith Story

We take a look at how the NFL draft completely minimized the Andre Smith announcement, Andy Dalton saying there's no excuses and Rey Maualuga unable to find his confidence.

BB: Grabbing a Running Back In The SB Nation Mock

The bacon sizzles with visions of a running back during our final selection for the 2013 SB Nation Mock Draft.

BB: Poison Pill Pass Rush And "Some" Bernard Scott

The Cincinnati Bengals awoke from the belly of the free agency beast, appearing interested in Karlos Dansby and Kerry Rhodes. But it's James Harrison that takes the headline.

BB: The Candy of Meats

See what's cooking in Mojokong's skillet this morning.

BB: Even Bengals Fans Have Jobs

Since this author (or more accurately known as, "dude with a keyboard"), was thrown in the cave known as the day job, we're reacting to the news on Tuesday.

Going Defensive Player Again During SBN Mock

We went back to defense for our first of two selections in the second round of the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft.

Flashback Friday: The Trade Of 1978

We're trying something new, to break the pattern of mundane storylines without resolution for the time being, we're going to work on a Flashback posting every Friday, hoping to give some knowledge about the history of the Cincinnati Bengals.

BB: Charting Bengals Draft Picks During Lewis Era

We break down the Bengals draft picks in relation to the round that they were drafted, games that they played and started.

BB: Look At '05 And 2nd Greatest Pick Ever

We're not going to be popular, but it's the truth.

BB: Know Thy Bengals

We take a look at some recognized publications offering head-scratching analysis, a look at last year's free agency and the implications of Terence Newman's tweet.


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