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Bengals piece together 98-yard touchdown drive

Once the Bengals defense stood tall against the Bills offense at the one-yard line, it would make sense for the Bengals offense to go conservative with a handful of runs that would eventually give Kevin Huber room to punt.

In truth, they did. BenJarvus Green-Ellis' number was called three times but instead of the previous possessions at their own endzone, Green-Ellis picked up 12 yards. This sets up a second and nine from the Bengals 15-yard line with 11:00 remaining in the second quarter. Dalton takes the snap and flips the football to A.J. Green on a bubble screen to the left. Navigating through blocks, led by Andrew Whitworth's round-house right, Green sprinted down the left sidelines picking up 54 yards to the Bills 31-yard line.

Eventually the Bengals have first and ten from the Bills 20-yard line. After an initial rush that forced Dalton up into the pocket, the quarterback did a shovel-like flip to Giovani Bernard over the middle, who sidestepped a dozen tackles, sliced through air molecules and scored the touchdown to give the Bengals a 17-7 lead.