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Bengals vs. Bills: Nominations for Play(s) of the Game

Alright, our nominations are more of a serious of plays than one specific play. Also, we didn't apply touchdowns only because touchdowns tend to be automatic nominations anyway. We taking a look at three plays (or serious of plays) of the game. You pick the best one.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Goalline stand early in the second quarter: One could, and probably should, argue that Cincinnati's second quarter goalline stand was the moment in which Cincinnati's offense woke up. Buffalo had generated 126 yards on offense in the first quarter, converting all four of their third down opportunities. On their first possession of the game, Buffalo went 65 yards on six plays, taking a 7-3 lead in the first quarter. They followed that up with a 60-yard possession on 16 plays. But it was that 61st yard that alluded Buffalo.

The Bills have second and goal from the Bengals one-yard line when the second quarter began. Vontaze Burfict and James Harrison stoned Fred Jackson for a no-gain. Taylor Mays and Vincent Rey matched the effort on third down, setting up a fourth and goal from the one. Thad Lewis rolled out right but lost a yard when James Harrison wrapped the quarterback for a one-yard loss and turnover on downs.

Kevin Huber's overtime punt and Tate's 29-yard return: Brilliant. That was the game-plan for the Bengals in overtime. Cincinnati opened the fifth period on offense, picked up a handful of first downs and punted the football inside Buffalo's ten-yard line. The defense prevented Buffalo from gaining a first down and Tate's ensuing punt return moved Cincinnati to Buffalo's 33-yard line, already within field goal range for Mike Nugent's boom stick.

Save for actually scoring a touchdown on offense during the first possession, there really wasn't a better series of events that could have played out for Cincinnati's special teams and defense.

Mike Nugent 43-yard field goal to win the game: There's really no substitute for a kicker nailing a 43-yard field goal in overtime to win the game.