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Bills-Bengals could be the first blackout this year

The Bills are struggling to push tickets this year and could have their first game blacked out when they host the Bengals this weekend.

Rick Stewart

Even with names like A.J. Green, Geno Atkins or the sensational rookies just getting a taste in the NFL right now, the Cincinnati Bengals don't appear to be that big of a draw in Buffalo right now. According to Mark Gaughan with, the Bills are about 7,000 tickets shy from selling Sunday's game.

If they're unable to sell out, those within Bills market will have a television blackout, the one in the NFL this year. The Bills are trying to push tickets by offering a $15 discount. And that's not it, writes Graughan.

There are about 7,500 tickets left for the home game against Kansas City on Nov. 3. There were more than 10,000 tickets left for the final two home games, the Bills reported last week. Those are Nov. 17 against the Jets and Dec. 22 against Miami.

OK, so maybe it's not the Bengals. And it didn't help that the Bills lost their rookie quarterback E.J. Manual for a few weeks during their loss to the Cleveland Browns (which doesn't help either).

Hopefully those days are behind us in Cincinnati. However, since season tickets are still relatively down (compared to pre-2010 season), there are no known sellouts on Cincinnati's remaining schedule; we just have to wait for those games to sell. Cincinnati won't host another game until October 27 (week 8) when they host the New York Jets. After that, they'll head off to Miami and Baltimore before hosting the Browns on November 17.