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Bengals Week Four "Goat Of The Game Award"

The Bengals laid a major egg in Cleveland on Sunday and we honor those who didn't help Cincinnati's cause against the Browns.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

To say that the Bengals dropped the ball (in more ways than one) on Sunday versus Cleveland is a major understatement. Before we truly turn the page and move on to the enormous matchup against the Patriots this Sunday, we have to give one last award out--only this one isn't for strong efforts. It's time for the "Goat of the Week", an award for poor performances after a Bengals lost.

Andy Dalton: In who will likely be the winner of this award because of the importance of the position he plays and the spotlight that shines on a poor performance by the quarterback, Dalton played one of his worst games as a pro on Sunday. He had two turnovers, one interception and one fumble, and never seemed to have it all day. He has had only one game this year that he didn't turn the ball over and hasn't cracked 300 yards in a game yet in 2013. He really needs to clean up the mistakes and get extra work in with his receivers so that they can get on the same page.

Marvin Jones: In three targeted passes, Jones didn't have a catch on Sunday. He dropped an important late pass from Dalton, one of his good ones of the day, because he caught the ball with his body instead of extending his arms and catching it with his hands. What would have been an important third down conversion became a drop, and Jones was a zero-factor in a game that needed someone to step up with A.J. Green's tough day. Jones still proves to be inconsistent in his second year and will need to play better down the stretch.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Perhaps if Dalton had any kind of reliable running game, he wouldn't have had such a tough day. "The Law Firm" and his 2.5ish yards per carry of 2013 continued against the Browns, getting 13 yards on six carries. He also tripped well before the first down on a critical fourth down play, though it wasn't entirely his fault because of poor blocking. The "Thunder" to Giovani Bernard's lightning hasn't been roaring much at all this year.

Orson Charles: Many had high hopes for Charles in his new role as the team's H-Back, especially because of his supplanting of John Conner on the roster, but nothing has happened yet. Apart from not having a single offensive stat in 2013, Charles can barely get on the field as a blocker. The team has used Domata Peko in short-yardage situations and preferred to bring in Alex Smith as the lead blocker on a failed fourth down attempt on Sunday. He had one tackle and has basically been relegated to special teams duty. The coaching staff doesn't seem to have much faith in him right now.

Who gets your vote for the Bengals Week Four "Goat of the Week Award"?