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Bengals vs. Browns: Bengals open as 4.5 point favorites

The Cincinnati Bengals were projected to be favorites heading into Cleveland for the first of two games this year.

Jason Miller

It's not so much a shocker, considering the perception of both teams. The Cincinnati Bengals held a lead going into the fourth quarter against Chicago, but lost it in the final period. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, but who hasn't. And they're the only team to have a 14-point lead evaporated into a 30-point deficit, only to come back and win the game against the Green Bay Packers. Cleveland, on the other had, is Cleveland.

We joke. In reality, the Browns are 1-2 and their losses have come against two teams with a combined 5-1 record. They beat the Minnesota Vikings 31-27 with a clutch Brian Hoyer drive, but then, the Vikings are much like the Steelers (who will be playing against each other this weekend... eww). Cleveland's defense is ranked sixth in the NFL and they've generated 12 sacks so far, which ranks third in the league.

Not saying it's a trap game against a rival that always plays Cincinnati tough, but these games are always worthy of some shattered pregame nerves.

As it stands right now, Cincinnati opens this week as 4.5 to 5-point favorites, according to the odds makers.