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Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer to get his second start

The Bengals defense won't have to practice for two quarterbacks after the Browns announced the starter on Wednesday.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The Cincinnati Bengals weren't forced to wait long, practicing this week for two possible quarterbacks. Cleveland helped with that. During Wednesday's presser, Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski announced that quarterback Brian Hoyer will get the start against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday.

Starting quarterback Brandon Weeden suffered a thumb injury against the Baltimore Ravens and backup quarterback Jason Campbell completed only one of four passes in relief.

So Cleveland started Brian Hoyer last week against the Minnesota Vikings, who led the Browns on a game-winning touchdown drive to take a 31-27 lead with over 50 seconds remaining. Despite throwing three interceptions, Hoyer completed 30 of 54 passes for 321 yards passing and three touchdowns -- all to Jordan Cameron.

"Brian obviously was critical in that game and as I said before I have confidence in all of those guys and I expect that Brian will be ready for this game as well and I’m looking forward to it," Chudzinski said.

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis made it a point to recognize Hoyer and Cameron during his presser on Wednesday.

"Their tight end (Jordan) Cameron has really come into his own as a receiver. He’s a guy that’s very fast, a fluid runner, so you have to be conscious of him at all times. (Brian) Hoyer played an excellent football game. He got knocked around a bit, but he stayed in there and won the game when it counted. He made big throws, big completions, big third downs. He had third-and-10 a few times and converted them. He did a nice job on third-and-10 and fourth-and-10 and was able to convert the drive," Lewis said.