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Bengals at Browns: Picks, Spreads, Odds, and Predictions

A quick jump around the web to see who the media "experts" are picking to win the Sunday showdown with the Browns.

It is interesting to me that more people picked the Browns (1) than the Steelers over the Bengals. For the most part, the Bengals were the favorite all over the web.

The Bengals are 4.5 point favorites and the over under is 42.

Name Pick Score Blurb
Elliot Harrison - Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium 20 - 14 This game might not even feature this many total points. I'm seeing another Andy Dalton turnover that leads to a score for the other guys here. Still, without Trent Richardson, will Cleveland be able to run the football effectively enough to keep the Bengals' pass rush at bay? Even if Dalton fumbles or throws a pick-six, Brian Hoyer cannot afford to give up another three interceptions, as he did last week in Minnesota. Dalton has a defense AND a running game to back him up, which means he'll have a chance to recover from any mistakes. The Bengals are more talented than the Vikings on both sides of the ball. So I pose the question again: Can the Browns run the football against Cincinnati like the Green Bay Packers (182 rushing yards) did in Week 3? Chris Ogbonnaya, come on down!
Don Banks - SI Stk-nfl-clb-p1959-01_medium 27 - 24
Hoyer Fever. It's contagious. And the Browns have definitely caught it. I can't blame them. Cleveland has been boring at quarterback since when, Bernie Kosar's glory days? The Bengals should win this game if they're truly a rising power in the AFC North, but I don't think they will. Brian Hoyer, Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon have breathed some life into the Browns offense, and the resurgence will continue for at least another week. One more good game out of Hoyer and Brandon Weeden might as well pick out which clipboard he wants to hold for the rest of the season.
Pete Prisco - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
23 - 13 The Bengals face a tough challenge here going to play their in-state rivals. Cleveland impressed last week winning at Minnesota. But the Bengals are the better team. Brian Hoyer comes back to reality in this one as the Bengals defense suffocates the Browns offense.
Coley Harvey - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium 26 - 17 Injured as it may be, fined as it may be, Cincinnati's defense still has the talent and obvious determination to overcome the bouts of adversity that likely will be in its way Sunday afternoon. The combination of that and a serviceable offense means the Bengals will be able to outlast the Browns ahead of next week's big showdown with the Patriots.
Matt Williamson - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium 24 - 17 The Browns are coming off a big upset win in Minnesota, but unfortunately, I think they crash back to earth against a superior Cincinnati team. The Bengals have the superior quarterback and weaponry as well as a much better secondary. Cincinnati also doesn't have a particular weak spot on its roster.
Greg Cote - Miami Herald Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium 21 - 19 The font of Ohioans' pride, this state battle finds both teams coming off dramatic wins. Brownies rallied past Vikings, and Gals became first team since 1999 to somehow win despite allowing 30 unanswered points. Cincy's Marvin Lewis is 14-6 vs. Earthtones, including seven of past nine, and two of past three by the lake. Like Clevers to stay close, though. CB Joe Haden should make A.J. Green work for his yards.
Mike Florio - ProFootballTalk Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium 28 - 21 The Browns overachieved on Sunday, coming from behind to win in Minnesota. But the Bengals pulled off the kind of outcome reserved for truly great teams, blowing a 14-point lead and then reversing a 16-point deficit against one of the better franchises in the league. Look for the Bengals to find a new level of confidence and ability, as they move farther from a Week One loss that should have been a win.
MDS - ProFootballTalk Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium 24 - 10 Give Cleveland credit for turning in a spirited game last week, when everyone thought the Browns were ready to give up on the season. And although no one notices, the Browns' defense has actually been playing pretty well all season. But the Bengals are simply a better team and will win the Battle of Ohio.

Then there are the experts that pick the winners without a score projection or a writeup. Some of those are here:

Media Guy Pick
Marcus Allen - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Mike Golic - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Merril Hoge - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Ron Jaworski - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Chris Mortensen - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Adam Schefter - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Mark Schlereth - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Tom Jackson - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Keyshawn Johnson - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Mike Ditka - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Chris Carter - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Jason La Canfora - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Josh Katzowitz - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Ryan Wilson - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium

When I ran the simulation at, the Bengals come up with a big win.