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Bengals Nominations for Player of the Game against the Browns

It's a weak list after such a disastrous loss to the Cleveland Browns. But we fight through it to do what we must.

YES! I made it.
YES! I made it.
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Yea, yea. I get it. A performance like what Cincinnati had doesn't really encourage much optimism in a fog full of negative impressions. But we have to do it. So chin up, chest out, let's nominate and vote for the best player against the Browns.

Geno Atkins: In 37 pass rushes against the Browns, Atkins generated 1.5 quarterback sacks, an additional hit on the quarterback and five hurries. Atkins added a tackle for loss on Sunday and three tackles. On the other hand, he was average against the run, making some really good plays but disappearing during others.

George Iloka: The second-year safety is steadily improving in pass coverage and against the run. Iloka finished tied for third on the defense with six tackles, nearly picked off the only pass that was thrown against a receiver that he covered, and didn't register a missed tackle for the first time this year.

Mike Nugent: When a place kicker is included in player of the game nominations, then the dialogue of what happened on Sunday usually doesn't offer optimism. In fact, Nugent was the only player to score points against the Browns, converting both field goal attempts. That means something.