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The 2014 Cincy Jungle Community Bengals Roster

As voted by you, the readers of Cincy Jungle.

The most important player on the roster.
The most important player on the roster.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Here is your 2014 Cincy Jungle Community Bengals 53-man roster. I personally added in a few extras, including the practice squad. This roster will look similar to the real 53-man roster, but it won't be identical.

I created extra positions for Ryan Hewitt and Taylor Mays because they are true hybrids. I also added a few notes on extra roles certain players will actually be used in. E.g., Gio Bernard will get playing time as a slot WR. On the other hand, for example, Marquis Flowers played some S in college and Trey Hopkins played some RT in college, but the Bengals have not used them in those particular roles at all, so I didn't include those.

QB (2): Dalton, Campbell

HB (4): Bernard, Hill, Peerman, Burkhead® (to be replaced by Green-Ellis)

H-back (1): Hewitt

TE (3): Gresham, Eifert, Alex Smith

WR (6): Green, M. Jones, Sanu, Sanzenbacher, Wright, Hamilton*

OT (4): Whitworth, Andre Smith, Newhouse, Hawkinson

G (3): Zeitler, Boling, Hopkins

C (2): Bodine, Pollak

DE (5): Dunlap, Gilberry, Hunt, Geathers, Clarke

DT (4): Atkins, Peko, Thompson, Still

LB (5): Burfict, Lamur, V. Rey, DiManche, Flowers

LB-DB hybrid (1): Mays

S (4): Nelson, Iloka, Williams, Manning

CB (6): Hall, Newman, A. Jones, Kirkpatrick, Dennard, Stanford

Specialists (3): Harris, Huber, Sharp

Primary KR: Sanzenbacher

Primary PR: A. Jones

Season-ending IR: Burkhead®, McCarron*, Schaffer

Practice squad (10): Wilder HB, Collins* WR, Johnson C/G, Charles¹ TE, Bilukidi¹ DT, Ross DT, Porter^ LB, Lewis-Harris" CB, Westbrooks CB, Lewis S

Most notable cuts: Charles, Tate, Robinson, Bilukidi, Maualuga, Porter, Nugent

Semi-notable cuts: Whalen, Brock, Johnson, Svitek, Moch, Westbrooks

Roster notes

Bernard also plays slot WR. Gresham and Eifert also play WR. Sanu also plays wildcat QB. Newhouse, Hawkinson, Whitworth, and Pollak also play G. All of the DE except perhaps Clarke will see time at DT on pass-rushing downs. Nelson and Manning also play nickel CB.

®Burkhead will be kept on the roster up until cutdown day, as we likely do not want to put him in the waived-injured category beforehand and thus risk another team picking him up. On cutdown day, we project him being placed on season-ending IR, allowing Green-Ellis to steal a roster spot. Burkhead is not eligible for PUP, and will almost certainly not have the IR-return designation used on him. If he does, then we project him eventually making the roster and BJGE eventually being cut.

*The coaches will probably decide to keep McCarron on season-ending IR. In case they do not and place him on PUP, allowing him to eventually return to the 53-man roster, then from our polls we would have Hamilton (or whoever is the sixth WR) demoted from the roster to the PS, thus knocking off Jasper Collins from the PS. Again, this is unlikely.

There are three glaring differences between this roster and the real-life one. First, Maualuga is almost certainly in instead of a sixth corner. Second, Nugent is almost certainly in instead of Sharp. Third, Tate is almost certainly in, Wright is probably in, and Hamilton is probably out.

Practice squad notes

¹Under the new PS rules, teams can keep a maximum of two players with two (and no more) accrued NFL seasons. I've elected Charles and Bilukidi to make the PS. If either or both of these guys get claimed off waivers, then to the PS we would obviously sign Robinson followed by Moch. These four guys are eligible only under this special exemption.

At TE, Gresham and Smith are probably no longer Bengals after 2014, so depth on the PS is a good idea. Our depth at DT is shaky with Atkins coming off injury, Peko declining, and Thompson and Still needing to show more progress. In my opinion, Bilukidi should have been voted onto the roster over Still in the first place, and I'm hardly alone on that.

We already have plenty of DE depth on the roster, and on the PS we already have a promising C/G in T.J. Johnson who we don't need to make a special exemption for. It'd be nice to keep Moch and Robinson, but I think it's better to keep Charles and Bilukidi. Again, we can keep only two of those four.

^Porter has a decent chance of being claimed off waivers due to his fourth-round draft status. If that happens, or if Porter goes to PUP/IR, then we have him being replaced on the PS with Brandon Joiner at LB. If J.K. Schaffer somehow gets healthy, he'll take this spot ahead of Joiner.

"Even though Lewis-Harris is suspended, he is still PS-eligible during that time. He's easily the best CB besides the six on the roster.

Wilder has talent, and we should carry him on the PS considering BJGE and Peerman's expiring contracts and Burkhead's shaky health. Johnson provides solid C/G depth. Collins has played the best of the WR who don't have a realistic chance at the roster this year. Ross is raw but incredibly strong and provides depth at the shaky DT position.

CB is another shaky roster position which needs depth, and Westbrooks has outperformed Hampton and McCalebb. Lewis provides depth at S behind the aging Nelson and Manning. I personally don't want to keep a QB (Matt Scott or whoever else) on the PS just for the sake of it, at the expense of a better player.