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Bengals vs Cardinals: Biggest Dress Rehearsal Disappointments

Poor performances are never what you want to see. Poor performances in game 3 of the preseason are not only disappointing, but are telling when it comes to roster construction.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The third game is always the most telling for a team in the preseason. The starters play the longest and it resembles a true NFL game more than any other preseason contest. Therefore, when players look good, it builds more promise going into the season. Equally, when players look bad, it is more disappointing and telling of whether or not they can contribute when called upon. Game #3, while overall promising, had a few disappointments as well.

Disappointment #1

Cobi Hamilton - With the Marvin Jones injury, the Bengals are looking for a WR to step up and show they can contribute. And the guy they appear to want to take that step is Hamilton. Let's just say he has dropped the ball...literally and figuratively speaking.

Nothing is more frustrating than a WR with inconsistent hands. Just ask every team of Darrius Heyward-Bey. Nothing will keep a WR from the field and gaining the trust of his QB than inconsistent hands. Regardless of his athletic ability, he can't contribute at this point and that is frustrating. Sunday night he let a huge 3rd down conversion bounce off him yet again.

Disappointment #2

Vinny Rey - I really wanted Vinny Rey to be a starting LB on this team after his 2013 cameo but he has looked shaky in the preseason. Sunday night was another display of missed tackles and poor coverage. So far, I believe Flowers and DiManche have looked better than Rey.

Disappointment #3

Tyler Eifert - He is listed as day-to-day but it just has that feeling of a nagging injury that ends a season before it starts. All preseason we kept hearing about how good he has looked but we have yet to see it on the field. As much as I bang on Gresham, he is at least on the field.

Disappointment #4

Devon Still - The guy is going through some terrible personal stuff off the field and he is so easy to root for...unfortunately, he just is not playing well - a common theme in his short career. Still was the 2011 Big Ten defensive player of the year and a promising 2012 2nd-round pick out of Penn State, but right now there are other players contributing more on the field than Still.