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Bengals vs. Colts: What attribute does Andrew Luck have that you wish Andy Dalton?

Settle down. This isn't a war to determine Luck vs. Dalton, nor is it an indictment on Dalton. We're just paying the bills. And Marshall Faulk is wondering what attribute of Andrew Luck would you like implemented in Dalton?

John Grieshop

With two of the league's better quarterbacks squaring off this weekend, NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk asks Bengals fans something.

This week, we’re talking quarterbacks. Now Indy’s quarterback is seriously talented. This kid has the chance at being the best quarterback in our league. But Cincy, they feel like their quarterback is franchise-worthy too, that’s why they paid him all that money. Pick one skill you wish your quarterback could steal from the other team’s quarterback. And let me know, if he got that skill, would it make him elite. Let me know.

Arm strength? Luck can hit an out-route, squeeze an underneath shot, or flip a dime on a deep pass. Arm strength would be an ideal attribute for Dalton, who has, at times, been burned of it -- such as 10-yard curls or long-armed sidelines routes -- aka, square out. Maybe we'd prefer quicker decision making... able to dissect and implement a play with 3-4 options from sideline to sideline?

The question: If Dalton had Andrew Luck's arm strength, could that tip the balance for Cincinnati's quarterback to become elite? If not arm strength, then what?

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