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Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts television coverage

The Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts television map for this weekend. Are you one of the lucky ones getting the Bengals? Sound off!

I'm a horse. I know nothing. WHAT IS THIS GLASS CIRCLE THING!
I'm a horse. I know nothing. WHAT IS THIS GLASS CIRCLE THING!
Joe Robbins

The good news is that Cincinnati's game against the Indianapolis Colts could find its way to a lot of television sets this weekend. From Indianapolis, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and the northeast United States, to a significant regions in the south, mountains and even California. Heck, even Rochester New York, originally with the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers, will get the Bengals and Colts. Unfortunately, CBS has the single-header this weekend or else this game could have generated significant coverage.

Are you in the broadcast zone?

Week 7 TV coverage

If you're in Cincinnati and refusing to watch the Bengals, for some reason, then leave.

Go away. Far away. To a time before anyone cared that you existed.

While you pack, you have Atlanta and Baltimore as the early Fox game, then the national game of the week between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys (or when most of us will do our honey-do list).