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Predictions for Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts

We moved on to twitter over the weekend to find some awesome predictions for Sunday's game between the Bengals and Colts.

Andy Lyons

We asked twitter followers on Friday night if they had any predictions for Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts. We're not talking about throwing together bullshit arbitrary numbers... seriously, predicting a score is like saying "well, I picked those numbers from a hat so it's totally informed."

No, we wanted specific things: Like saying "Well, I picked these actionable plays from a hat and so it's totally informed."

See? Here are some of the better ones offered by our followers on Twitter.

Well, in the heat of the moment and based on the situation... if the situation is game-ending, not sure if there's much cheering. But it would be cool as hell.

Possible, but he needs to break one. Bernard won't get the opportunities to break 100 yards without the assist of a 40-plus yard run (if not more). There's Jeremy Hill to consider, as well as the game's situation. If it's close and/or Cincinnati is playing from behind (though within a score), then the running game will most certainly be abandoned. It's one of our more accomplished traditions. Wait, was that another prediction?

When does a prediction cease being a prediction when you're absolutely sure that it'll happen? Nostradamus says, "get off my turf, f***er.

I admit... I included this to get everyone riled up. However, I'm still not sure that Sanu will pass the football for a good while. Andy Dalton won't go into another route again (he could have been obliterated last time but lucked out) and Sanu really doesn't have many options to throw a deep pass to. With Green and Jones out, Sanu is literally the only player that can run a vertical and actually be a threat.

This is the No. 1 offense in the NFL this year and Cincinnati's scoring defense is ranked No. 14, allowing 22.6 points per game. However, in the last two games, Cincinnati has allowed 80 points to the Patriots and Panthers -- both of whom ranked No. 20 and No. 23 respectively when the Bengals played them. Now their starting middle linebacker (Rey Maualuga) and nickel backer (Emmanuel Lamur) are out and we're expecting better? Sorry. My confidence with Cincinnati's defense is extremely sour.