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Bengals vs. Lions: Inactive List

Seven players have been labeled as inactive, giving each team the maximum 46 active roster for game day.


No big surprises on the Bengals inactive front. Running back Rex Burkhead and defensive end Margus Hunt take their usual assigned seats on the inactive list, along with cornerbacks Brandon Ghee and Chris Lewis-Harris, offensive linemen Trevor Robinson and Tanner Hawkinson, and wide receiver Ryan Whalen.

If there is a surprise, it's that Pollak is getting the nod over Trevor Robinson.

Terence Newman is active and will start.

As for the Lions, Calvin Johnson is active (as expected), but wide receiver Nate Burleson and tight end Tony Schefler remain out with a forearm and concussion respectively. Johnson's participation on Sunday is expected to be significant, closer to his pre-injury status. Joining Burleson and Schefler are quarterback Kellen Moore, offensive linemen Tony Fox and Leroy Harris, running back Theo Riddick and cornerback Jonte Green.

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