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2014 Free Agency: Bengals Re-Sign Taylor Mays

The Bengals re-signed one of their own in the versatile hybrid defender, Taylor Mays.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

The first day of free agency came and went with the Cincinnati Bengals making nary a peep with open market players. However, the team did make some noise on some of their internal free agents by re-signing them on Tuesday. Early in the day, the team retained special teams player and return man Brandon Tate, and then followed that up with re-signing one of their prized reclamation projects.

According to Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports, Taylor Mays has re-signed with the club.

The casual NFL fan and those outside of the Bengals bubble might quietly laugh at this signing, but those who follow Cincinnati know of the brief renaissance that Mays provided in 2013. The defensive staff masterfully placed him in a hybrid "rover"-like role, where he played in the area of linebackers, but still roamed the field as a safety. Things were going well in the early part of the season before Mays ended the year on Injured Reserve with a dislocated shoulder.

Given Mays' up-and-down NFL career, it's likely that this is a team-friendly move, financially speaking. It's possible that the team will rely on Mays to play an advanced version of Chris Crocker's old role on defense and the hope is that new defensive coordinator Paul Guenther will get the most that he can out of Mays.