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Michael Bennett makes fun of Andy Dalton on NFL Network (video)

This will serve as some nice bulletin-board material for the Bengals when they host the Seahawks this year.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's safe to say Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is not a fan of Andy Dalton.

Bennett appeared on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access Thursday night, discussing the penalties handed down to Tom Brady, the addition of Jimmy Graham, and a game of 'The World According to Michael Bennett.'

Well, according to Bennett, Andy Dalton is not someone you want as your starting quarterback:

"Ah, did I do it again? Did I do it again? Gave up the lead," Bennett said in his imitation of Dalton.

Dalton has often been criticized for being the weakness on a Bengals team talented enough to contend for a Super Bowl, but can't win a playoff game. While Dalton has had his struggles, giving up leads is not actually something he tends to do.

In 68 career games (including playoffs), Dalton has lost just eight games during which the Bengals led in the fourth quarter.

In 56 career games (including the playoffs), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has lost 10 games in which Seattle held a fourth-quarter lead. That's 10 losses Wilson suffered while having a superior defense than that of what Dalton had in Cincinnati.

While no one is arguing who's the better QB between those two, it does show that 'giving up the lead' is not something Bennett can criticize Dalton for when his own QB has done it more often.

This will also serve as some nice bulletin-board material for the Bengals when they host Seattle in Week 5. Taking a shot at a team's franchise QB is something every player on Cincinnati is going to remember between now and then.