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Rex Burkhead ends practice early, knee wrapped with ice

Cincinnati Bengals running back (and wide receiver) Rex Burkhead suffered an injury during a non-contract drill. His practice ended with ice wrapped around his knee.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest keys for this week (and during most of the OTA sessions during the offseason), is escaping without injury (despite rules preventing full contact); an idea that will filter into training camp, the preseason and well, everywhere (to be honest). Bengals running back Rex Burkhead landed "awkwardly" during a non-contact drill. His day (and probably week) is over.

Knowing his path at running back would be difficult with Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill as kings of their respective mountain, the coaching staff has been searching for ways to get Burkhead on the field. Cincinnati has worked him as a slot receiver during offseason sessions with (near) universal praise.

Hopefully this will shake out to be nothing more than a bruise.