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Bengals Marvin Jones returns to practice on Tuesday

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones sat out for the entire season in 2014 and most of the preseason, training camp and various OTA sessions. He's finally back.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones is back, baby! After sitting last Tuesday because he wasn't medical cleared to participate when the media was watching the Bengals first OTA practice of the offseason (the suspicion was that he had tweaked a hamstring a few weeks ago), Jones and Dalton hooked up on a deep pass down the sidelines during the first 11-on-11 session on Tuesday.

Jones actually practiced last Wednesday, but that practice was a closed session. The fourth-year wideout spoke to the media after practice Tuesday:

"Yep, I'm back," he said (after Tuesday's practice).

"So far, all these practices have been great," Jones said. "It's great for me getting out there rolling around and doing all the old things that I used to do."

"When I first came out here before we started [OTAs] I felt the burst. The burst was there, but my body wasn't quite ready for it," Jones said. "But now since OTAs started, since the practice started, I've really been feeling it. And this being the second week of it, I'm really feeling it just because my body's getting into that zone. It's like nothing ever happened."

"I wouldn't say it's a relief to be back because it's been so long and I've worked out the past four or five months," Jones said, "but to be where I was to now is just great."

Jones, who staged a massive breakout season in 2013 with 10 receiving touchdowns, missed the entire season last year due to foot and ankle injuries. Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson isn't expecting much of a decline for Jones come the start of the 2015 season. "With Marvin Jones, it's about what he was before he left," Jackson said earlier this year. "He's a 10-touchdown, big-play guy who brings another explosive offensive weapon to our football team. We missed him, obviously."

Jackson spoke again on Tuesday with Jones' full return and echoed the similar admiration. "He's Marvin Jones. He's what he was when he left," Jackson said. "He can run, he can catch, he's explosive, sudden, quick, fast. He's all those things. I'm glad he's healthy". With Jones' potential return to the 2015 lineup along with tight end Tyler Eifert, who also missed all of 2014, the Bengals offense should be far more consistent and potent in the passing game.