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Margus Hunt re-aggravated preexisting back injury

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Margus Hunt explained the nature of his injury to ESPN reporter Coley Harvey, admitting it occurred while lifting weights earlier this year.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Margus Hunt hasn't participated during OTA practices this offseason and isn't planning to work during mandatory mincamp next week; though he should be in attendance. According to ESPN reporter Coley Harvey, Hunt has been dealing with a pre-existing back condition he re-aggravated while lifting weights earlier this offseason.

"We're going day-by-day. I’m trying to be back as soon as possible," Hunt said. "Training camp is still in the mix, it's just when in training camp that's the question."

Hunt said the injury dates back to 2012, the summer before his senior year at SMU. The last couple of years it has been under control and wasn’t a nuisance. But when Hunt returned to Cincinnati for the start of offseason workouts, he aggravated the injury while lifting weights. Hunt was pushing himself hard during lifting sessions in ways that he probably shouldn't have. His body clearly wasn't ready.

The Bengals have been relatively CIA about the injury, only committing to a hopeful broadcast in which Hunt will be ready for training camp. Unfortunately he's losing significant snaps to second-year defensive end Will Clarke and could be faced with the uncomfortable status of being a "bubble player".