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NFL Week Four Power Rankings: Cincinnati Bengals Surge

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The national media liked the Cincinnati Bengals beating up on a rookie quarterback in Washington. We have to admit, we liked it too. And the power rankings reflected their impression, leapfrogging Cincinnati a handful of positions.

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

Cincinnati's win over the Cleveland Browns two weeks ago wasn't all that impressive. So said those that compile weekly power rankings, jumping an average 0.5 spots among those that we actually observe. Cincinnati's 38-31 win over the Washington Redskins generated so much interest among pollsters that they are now entirely inside the top-half of the field with a handful of top-ten spots. Their average position this week is 13, an increase of 4.2 spots.

SB Nation 13 18 15 20
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 9 16
ESPN 15 16
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 10 14
Pro Football Talk 14 21
Pro Football Weekly 16 20
Associated Press 14 18
National Football Post 13 14
AVG. 13.2 17.4