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Bengals A.J. Green performance sets franchise records

There's a lot to hate about Cincinnati's loss, but you can't hate on A.J. Green.

Patrick Smith

For as poorly as Cincinnati's offense played on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, A.J. Green's Hail Mary reception will go down as one of the more memorable plays this year.

Down by seven points with three seconds remaining in the game, Andy Dalton launched the football from midfield. Deflected and tipped in the end zone, a prowling A.J. Green tracked down the football for the touchdown that sent the game into overtime.

Green finished the game with 151 yards receiving on eight receptions and a game-tying touchdown as regulation expired -- obviously the leader in virtually every statistical category.

Sunday's performance is the fifth straight game in which Green generated 100 yards receiving or more, breaking Carl Pickens' mark of four-straight in 1994. Additionally, it's the sixth game this season with 100 yards receiving or more, also breaking a franchise record.

As of Sunday afternoon, Green leads the NFL as the league's first 1,000-yard receiver this season.

1 A.J. Green 1,013
2 Calvin Johnson 904
3 DeSean Jackson 903