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The Ravens Cheerleader

We forget sometimes that aside from the contest on the field, there is another battle going on during a football game.

The job of a cheerleader is important to football. This group of people are tasked with the challenge of firing up the crowds in critical game situations. I mean, how are the Ravens supposed to convert that third and short with out a little "We've got spirit!" chant in the background.

The Baltimore Ravens have stepped up their game. Instead of following the pattern of prancing out attractive females, they employ a bunch of dudes in their cheerleading squad.


So as you watch the contest on the field, do not forget the other set of athletes on the sidelines sacrificing their bodies for the good of the team.


The male counterpart to the female beauty also needs their time to primp. Here are some fellas primping at the direction of one of the ladies.


These dudes practice just as hard as the players. They also show up and give 110%.


It's all for the fans.


Ok, enough. The male cheerleader thing is true but that is not what we are here for. Here is a sampling of the cheerleaders you can expect to see this Sunday.



Baltimore-ravens-cheerleaders-super-bowl6_medium Baltimore-ravens-cheerleaders-super-bowl9_medium