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Bengals nominations for MVP against the Steelers

I know. It's a loss. But since we've done an MVP for every game, including a loss, we must. Let's just get through this.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Tate: Tate averaged 32.8 yards/return on four kickoffs. He put Cincinnati at Pittsburgh's 47-yard line and twice at Cincinnati's 37-yard line on his final three returns, with two resulting in touchdowns for the offense. Yes, we're down to nominating Tate, which means not much happened everywhere else -- not to take anything away from Tate; he played well when mostly everyone else didn't.

Adam Jones: Despite the defense having a rough evening in Pittsburgh, Adam Jones was more than serviceable. He intercepted a Ben Roethlisberger third quarter pass that disrupted Pittsburgh's streak of four consecutive possessions with a score. Jones added a pass deflection and two tackles for loss.

Marvin Jones: Scored a fourth quarter touchdown to get Cincinnati within ten points -- though he was wide open. Finished the game second on the team with five receptions and 48 yards receiving.

Wallace Gilberry: One of the few (alright, only) bright spots in Cincinnati's absent pass rush. Recorded a quarterback sack, an additional hit on the quarterback and a tackle for loss.

Tyler Eifert: Once Jermaine Gresham left the game in the fourth quarter, Eifert finally became a productive entity against the Steelers. He posted a touchdown on a contested ball in the end zone and added two more fourth quarter receptions.