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Bengals announce ticket prices for 2014

The Cincinnati Bengals have announced their ticket prices for the 2014 season. Some will remain unchanged while others will see a slight increase.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Friday that, despite reaching the postseason in three consecutive years, ticket prices for nearly half of Paul Brown Stadium's season ticket locations will have no price increase. Overall, prices will increase by $2.30 per seat from prices that on average in 2013 were the NFL's ninth-lowest.

Unchanged since the 2012 season, tickets will be available for as low as $40 per game. These seats were decreased from a $60 price point in 2011. Price increases will be in place on 55 percent of reserve seats, and the price will be flat from 2013 to 2014 on 45 percent of seats.

Sales will open at 9 a.m. Wednesday through the Bengals Ticket Hotline at 513-621-TDTD (8383), or through the "Tickets" tab on the home page of

"After selling out every regular season and playoff game in 2013, we want to continue that success and maintain our competitive advantage at home," said Katie Blackburn, Bengals executive vice-president. "We have set ticket prices in 2014 taking into account league economics and pricing of tickets in markets similar to Cincinnati. The result is some ticket price increases, but many seats prices are not changing."

Bengals ticket prices in 2013 were 20 percent below the NFL average.

Andrew Brown, Bengals ticket manager, said:

"We are sensitive to increasing prices and worked to limit the increases to those areas of the stadium in the most demand and for which tickets on the secondary market are re-sold well above the Bengals price."

Brown added, "For those areas where we have the most open inventory, we kept prices flat so that the seats will be attractive and accessible to fans, available at the right prices to help us to reach the goal of selling out our games."

Sideline seats in the lower bowl will go up from $85 to $90.

"These are the most sought-after seats in the house," Brown said, "and our analysis of the market shows heightened demand, with fans paying well above face value on the secondary market for these seats."

The 2014 home schedule includes division rivals Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, along with Denver, Carolina, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Tennessee. There will also be two home preseason games.

No locations will be increased more than $5 per seat. The only areas of increase will be prime sections in the lower rows of the Canopy Level (from $68 to $73), the corners and end zones on field level (from $72 to $75) and the sidelines on field level (from $85 to $90). All other areas will be priced the same as in 2013.