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Bengals announce sell out against the Minnesota Vikings

The Cincinnati Bengals waited until the last moment, but the team announced on Friday that Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings has sold out.

That was close.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Friday that the game against the Minnesota Vikings has finally sold out. There were approximately 3,500 tickets remaining on Thursday when the team requested and received an extension, requiring non-premium seats to be sold before 4 p.m. on Friday (ET) for the black out to be lifted. It appeared that a run on tickets was happening on Friday.

There have been two blackouts in the NFL this season, with the San Diego Chargers hosting the first one this season (when they played the Bengals) and this Sunday with the Buffalo Bills hosting the Miami Dolphins. The record number of fewest black outs is seven in 2007. Last year there were 15.

Cincinnati went through an 11-game stretch where ten games were blacked out from the middle of 2010 into 2011; they've since ended up selling out in all but two games last year and every game this season. The two games that didn't sell out last season were the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders, the last game that didn't sell out. They've sold out eight straight games since.