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Bengals to honor Freezer Bowl alums before kickoff

The Cincinnati Bengals played one of the more memorable games in playoff history due to the game's cold conditions. The organization will honor those players before kickoff this Sunday.

It's only fitting that with the Cincinnati Bengals hosting the San Diego Chargers, that the team will honor players that played in that game -- a game that Cincinnati won 27-7, earning a right to play in the Super Bowl that year.

It's unknown right now who will actually be on the field but kudos to the organization for making it happen.

We've called for the team to do a better job honoring their legends, starting with a Ring of Honor and a team museum -- the Reds would be a good model to copy from. Younger fans, save for the modern era, only really know how bad this team was in the 90s and into the 21st century.

Before all of that, this organization is rich with history and tradition. But those eras, players and memories are quietly going away because there really isn't a comprehensive resource for someone to truly understand where this team has come from.