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Colts with 5,500 available tickets, Packers with 8,500 remaining

The Indianapolis Colts are in a similar situation as the Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers, all of whom have unpaid tickets available, which may force a local TV black out in those markets.

Concerned that the Cincinnati Bengals may not sell out their game against the San Diego Chargers prior to the deadline for a TV black out (Thursday, 1 p.m), we've been keeping our eye on similar situations developing in Indianapolis and Green Bay, both of whom have thousands of tickets available for their respective games.

According to Bob Kravitz with the Indianapolis Star, the Colts still have 5,500 unpaid tickets remaining for Saturday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. They have already received an extension due to Wednesday's holiday but must sell out by Thursday's deadline.

Indianapolis reportedly had 6,000 tickets available Tuesday afternoon, so by our math, roughly 500 have gone through.

ESPN's business reporter Darren Rovell updated the Green Bay Packers count, tweeting that 2,500 tickets were sold on Tuesday with 8,500 remaining.

There haven't been any Wednesday updates in Cincinnati yet but it doesn't look good. Jeff Berding, the Bengals director of sales and public affairs, wrote in a press release, that unless daily ticket sales increase, the team won't make the deadline to lift a local black out.

"However, we need to be candid that -- unless the rate of daily sales increases -- we will not achieve a sellout, and the game will not be televised in Cincinnati, Dayton or Lexington, Ky., per NFL policy."

QUICK UPDATE: Andrew Brown, Bengals Ticket Sales Manager, tweeted at approximately 9 a.m., that around 9,000 tickets remain.