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Bengals and Chargers game will be streamed on

CBS Sports announced on Thursday that all AFC playoff games will be streamed online at

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you're angry for making plans this weekend that may force you to miss Cincinnati's game against the San Diego Chargers, you're in luck. CBS Sports announced that its coverage for the AFC playoffs will be streamed on Part of the presser reads:

For the first time ever, CBS Sports will stream its coverage of the American Football Conference Playoffs on Streaming coverage includes the national broadcasts of the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game on Sunday, Jan. 5, the AFC Divisional Playoff Games on Saturday, Jan. 11 and Sunday, Jan. 12, and the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Jan. 19. Live streams of CBS Sports’ AFC playoff games will be available to fans on laptops, desktops and tablets at here.

The obvious question for Bengals fans (and Colts fans too) is will the game be streamed even if there's a blackout in the region.

We've contacted CBS already but if we're making conclusions on our own, we expect that it will be unavailable. It's possible that CBS didn't anticipate a possible black out when putting this together and have no means to do it (if that's the case, then our bad for making them aware of it). Either way, when we learn more, we'll let you know.

NOTE: We've confirmed that the game will NOT be streamed locally if the game isn't sold out. which is what we expected.