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Bengals vs. Chargers: More rain than snow

The weather in Ohio is always changing. From what was a pending weather event of white death, won't much more than a soaker while the Bengals are playing.

Tom Szczerbowski

The weather in Ohio is always changing. Earlier this week, it was snow and freezing rain. Later in the week, there were predictions of 4-8 inches dropping throughout the day -- starting in the second half but most not until after the game.

Instead, as the weather system approaches, the Bengals and Chargers game figures to be more rain than anything.

Per WCPO, up until noon, a rain/snow mix is possible. From noon until 9 p.m., it's mostly rain shows "heavy at times". From then and through the overnight is when everything turns to snow.

From Fox 19:

What looked like it could be a return of the San Diego NFL Playoff weather curse is going to be a wet, chilly afternoon at PBS. Light rain will continue into evening then change to snow showers overnight with only a little accumulation.

Either way, at worst, it'll be a soaker. Nothing more.