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Cincinnati Bengals 2017 NFL Free Agency

Everything to know about the Cincinnati Bengals in 2017 NFL Free Agency. The Bengals have 15 players set to become free agents including Andrew Whitworth, Kevin Zeitler, Dre Kirkpatrick, Rex Burkhead, Brandon LaFell, and Karlos Dansby.

NFL roster cuts: 6 recently-cut players Bengals could consider

There are a number of safeties and offensive lineman who could help to strengthen the Bengals’ roster.

Best NFL free agent linebackers on the open market

A look at some of the top backers waiting to find new NFL homes.

Bengals think Andre Smith will be “terrific” at right guard

The Bengals are banking on Andre Smith stepping into the vacant right guard position, which could be exactly what he needs to prove he is still worthy of a starting job in the NFL.

Bill Belichick was ‘sniffing around’ for info on Burkhead before breakout performance

Rex Burkhead flashed his potential as a starting-caliber running back in Week 17 of the 2016 season against the Ravens. But, the team who ended up signing him in free agency was supposedly interested long before that.

Bengals receive poor grade from ESPN in NFL offseason review

Free agency was rough, but, the Bengals had a solid draft. Still, ESPN doesn’t seem to be thrilled by Cincinnati’s offseason.

4 free agents Bengals should consider

These four players could help further upgrade the Bengals’ roster and add some competition at the weakest spots.

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Dan Skuta cap casualty for Jags; return to Bengals possible?

Former Bengals linebacker Dan Skuta was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday. The move saves Jacksonville $4.1 million with no dead money.

Top 10 Bengals free agents during Marvin Lewis era

With free agency in full swing, I thought it would be fun to compose a list of the top 10 free agents signed during the Marvin Lewis era.

4 myths about the Bengals this offseason

Groupthink has dominated offseason discussions to a point where talking about football has become almost insufferable.

Reviewing T.J. Johnson’s 2-year contract extension with Bengals

The Bengals are paying their backup center very nicely.

Brown’s message will permeate through Bengals’ locker room

The enigmatic Bengals owner appears to be giving a troubled player another chance, while the team is also linked to a prospect with legal issues. It’s a stance that resonates through the locker room.

Bengals free agency earns poor grade from ESPN

The Bengals received a D grade from ESPN in regards to how the team handled free agency.

Josh Gordon’s value: Should Bengals be interested?

Taking Gordon’s history in college and the NFL into account, is he talented enough for the Cincinnati Bengals to give him a shot on the roster if and when the NFL reinstates him?

WATCH LIVE: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast

We’re live and have draft expert Joe Goodberry with us this week to talk about next month’s festivities. Send us your questions for us to answer on the air!

Evaluating Cedric Peerman’s contract with Bengals

Cedric Peerman continues to prove you can have a nice career in the NFL as a special teams ace.

Lewis clears air with Dunlap on franchise plan tweet

A couple of weeks ago, Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap seemed to question the team’s free agency plan publicly through Twitter. It appears that he and Marvin Lewis have talked things out and are moving on.

AJ McCarron trade to Browns possible, but only if price is right

Cincinnati wants a big return for AJ McCarron if he’s dealt, and it may be bigger if a division rival is involved.

Culture change on horizon after Maualuga’s release?

The Bengals are making a lot of non-Bengals moves lately. If the team plays its cards right, it could signal a culture change while the roster itself is improving.

4 free agents Bengals could consider as market quiets

The NFL is now a little less than one month into the free agency period for the 2017 season, meperiod mostly everyone who has still yet to sign is going to see a reduced market value. The Bengals could take advantage of it by targeting these key players.

Impact of Minter’s signing and Maualuga’s departure on Bengals LBs

A long-standing veteran getting cut and the possibility of the Bengals adding a high profile linebacker in the draft have brought questions to the linebacker position group. What does the addition of Kevin Minter and parting ways with Rey Maualuga mean for the Bengals in the coming months?

Gilberry, Peerman low-key signings to maintain roster stability, leadership

When you think about it, Peerman and Gilberry have a lot in common, including that they were both re-signed by the Bengals in the past few days.

POLL: Who was the Bengals’ best free agency signing?

Who, among the Bengals’ incoming or returning 2017 free agents, was the best signing for the team? Cast your vote and sound off!

Cedric Peerman is not your typical third-stringer

In most cases, fringe roster players don’t stick around with one team as long as Cedric Peerman has with the Bengals. Then again, most fringe roster players don’t make the kind of impact that Peerman does.

Bengals approval poll: Was cutting Rey Maualuga right decision?

I think we know the answer to this one...

Rey Maualuga cut by Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals continue to get younger on defense.

Mike Zimmer denies Vikings were interested in Domata Peko

It’s a case of he said, she said... Or he said, he said, more accurately.

Bengals to host Purdue WR DeAngelo Yancey for visit

The Bengals are meeting with a former Purdue wide receiver, who has been known to make big plays on a regular basis. He’s currently not projected to be drafted in April.

Bengals free agency live updates and tracker

Let’s keep track of the Cincinnati Bengals’ moves in 2017 NFL free agency.

Bengals free agency rumor tracker

Here’s all the rumors and reports about the Bengals leading up to the start of NFL free agency on March 9 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Wallace Gilberry re-signing with Bengals

The Bengals are bringing back one of the team’s backup pass rushers.

Orange and Black Insider podcast: New faces in new places

This week’s show was more listener-centric than most as we answered a lot of fan questions. We also examined the recent signing of Kevin Minter and took another look at Adam Jones’ recent legal developments.

Reviewing Kevin Minter’s 1-year contract with the Bengals

The Bengals are now paying four linebackers more than $3 million each for the 2017 season.

Dalton, Boling, and Green must step up as leaders in 2017

The Bengals have lost some of their best leaders in this rough offseason. Without the charismatic and vocal Whitworth, the Bengals are passing the torch to the next generation of team leaders.

Bengals positional analysis: Quarterback

We conclude our looks at all of the Bengals’ positional groups with the most important, yet interesting spots on the team. What is going on with the Bengals’ quarterback depth behind Andy Dalton?

Cedric Peerman re-signing with Bengals on 1-year deal

The veteran special teams ace and backup running back is staying in Cincy.

Getting to know Kevin Minter with Revenge of the Birds

Get to know the newest Bengals player with help from someone who has covered his NFL career for the last four years.


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